Preparing your presentation

  • Make a summary of your presentation or write out the entire text.
  • Have additional content available in case you finish early.
  • Practise your presentation in advance. Alone or with some listeners.
  • Consider interviewing someone during the Teminar or have someone interviewing you.
  • Pick a time that is convenient your audience.
  • Use a fixed line (no GSM or DECT) for the best audio quality.
  • Do not use the "hands free" option of your phone. It may cause echo and noise.
  • Consider the use of a professional headset.

Giving the presentation

  • Be aware of "jammers" in your neighborhood. Find a place where you can focus to your session.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Be on time. Sign in at least 5 minutes before the start of your presentation.
  • Keep some distance between your mouth and your phones microphone. The sound of your breath can be annoying.
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Explain to participants how to ask questions (by pressing a number key on their phone).
  • Don't turn your presentation into a radio broadcast. Use Teminar to interact with your participants.
  • End with an offer or task. What do you want your participants to do afterwards?
You may use a professional headset

Consider the use of a professional call center headset to keep your hands free. The Plantronics EncorePro is a good example.

Amplifier for a professional headset

A headset amplifier to connect the headset to your phone is required.