Teleseminar: effective and easy accessible

Participating a teleseminar just requires an ordinary fixed or mobile phone. The simplicity of a teleseminar allows the participants to fully concentrate on your presentation. They don't have to travel and can use their favorite place to join.

Menselijk contact met een teleseminar of webinar

A teleseminar provides personal contact

With a telephone seminar you have direct and personal contact with your target group. This contributes to building a personal relationship with the participants. A teleseminar is an important investment in your network.

Teleseminar = interaction

A teleseminar does not mean "broadcast only". You can have direct interaction with your participants. More so, you are bringing people with common interests together. This may lead to new connections, insights and "cross pollination".

Enlarge your geographical coverage with a teleseminar

The participants of your teleseminar do not need to be in your vicinity. Your target group can be much larger.

Teminar bridges the gap

Organizing a physical meeting with a group is costly and time consuming. Sending a newsletter is cheap but lacks engagement: it is uncertain whether or not your message is received and understood. A teleseminar is an excellent alternative. The predetermined timing and the personal contact ensure deeper impact than a newsletter. The cost of a teleseminar is comparable to a mailing, and certainly less than a meeting at a location.