Sound / dial in to your session

Teminar sound can be played over the phone or through the browser on your computer or tablet.

Sound via the browser on your PC (or tablet)

This method is called web-Phone. In fact: dialing in via the browser. Provide a good Internet connection, preferably a cable or fiber optic connection. If you use Wi-Fi, ensure good coverage. The internet traffic from your housemates can also have an influence. A bad connection leads to echoes and stutters. If that happens, dial in with your phone (see below). You can find web-Phone in the sound window on the session page.

Dial-in using your PC?

Test first!

Dial in by phone

You can also participate by phone by calling the local dial-in number in the Netherlands:

070 - 710 06 02

Or when you just want to listen: web-Cast

Web-Cast is only available for the participants: you can only listen, not speak. The sound runs through your computer or tablet. Web-Cast is free for everyone. Check the operation of Web-Cast on your system: test web-Cast

Invited to participate?

Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari