Help desk Teminar

Postal address Rozenburglaan 3
9727 DL Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone +31507116510

About Teminar

Teminar is a service of NewTelco.

NewTelco expertized in the development and provisioning of smart conference call services. The reliable and proven technology of traditional telephony results in the best quality possible. In addition we apply the newest internet technology to make our services easy to use.

The Teminar affiliate program

If you are a returning teminar customer (you have performed at least six Teminar sessions) you may profit our affiliate-program. In which we reward you for bringing new Teminar customers in. You will receive EUR 25 (VAT excluded) per new user that assigns through you.

Contact details NewTelco BV

NewTelco teleconference services is located in Groningen, The Netherlands

NewTelco BV
Rozenburglaan 3
9727 DL Groningen
The Netherlands

T: +31208081321
T: +31507116565

Chambre of Commerce: 01124483

VAT: NL8188.36.878.B01

Banking details

The Netherlands
Bank ING
IBAN NL56 INGB 0004867636