1. Register

First of all you need a Teminar account. You can register free and choose between an account type where you pay per session or account types where you can organize an unlimited number of sessions for a fixed amount per month. When registered you receive the login credentials of your account. You now can add information about the speaker. This generic information that will be added to the session page of each planned session.

2. Plan session

Login and choose menu-item "Plan Teminar". You make the following choices:

  • Planning: Date/time/duration
  • Recording: if you record your session you can choose to allow participants to request a download link. The alternative is that only you can download the recording.
  • Call me: you can choose pay the call charges of your participants. The participants can have themselves called Teminar. You can limit the phone costs by selecting a maximum category. Category 1 i.e. allows fixed lines in many countries.
  • Information about your Teminar: Here you can add a title and a description of your session. This information will be shown on the session page of your session.

Once you have scheduled the session, it is visible in the overview under menu item "Planned Teminars". Here you can also find the session access codes: the speaker code and the Teminarcode (for the participants).
As long as the session has not started yet you can edit or delete the session.

3. Inform the participants

Informing the participants is simple. just send them session page link: where 1234567 is the Teminarcode (for the participants) of your session. On this page, participants find all the information about the session and instructions about how to join.

4. Prepare your session

Of course, you are preparing your session well. You can use the ability to share your desktop or a presentation. Please note presentations should be of type pdf. Find more presentation hints

5. Conducting the session

The starting point for you as speaker is the session page. The session page of the speaker contains a control panel to control the session. This becomes visible as soon as at least on participant has dialled in, Either by phone or by web-Phone. Dialing in is possible from 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the session. From then on, the connection possibilities for sound will also be shown.