With Teminar you are in control

Giving a teleseminar requires dedication and concentration. On top of that you should keep control of your session. Are all participants present? Can everyone hear me well? How about background noise? Teminar provides awareness and control without disturbing your concentration to the presentation. You can make an audio recording of your session (free). Afterwards you can download the recording or let your participants request a download link.

Good tools is half the battle

The session page of Teminar is simply indispensable. It allows you to see which participants are present, mute and unmute microphones and much more. It is your cockpit from which you have full control over your session.
More about the session page

Good preparation is the other half

It is important to prepare your Teminar well. Technically as well as content wise. Make sure you won't get disturbed during your session. Use a quality phone and preferably a professional headset.
More about preparation

The Teminar session page is simple and powerfull