What is Teminar?

Teminar allows multiple participants to join a live presentation or training with or without video. The speaker and the participants have access to the so called session page. Participants can see a webcam and presentation or desktop. The speaker in addition has full control over the participants microphones and presence. You can make an audio recording of your session (free). Afterwards you can download the recording or let your participants request a download link.

Sharing a webcam, desktop of presentation

You can organize an audio only Teminar where participants only have to dial in to join. If you want you can add image like a presentation, your desktop of your webcam. Also a chat window is available.

Register with Teminar

How to organize a Teminar?

After registration you can plan your own teleseminars and add you biography.

For each of your Teminars we will compose a session page that you can use to inform your participants. It contains the information you provided and instructions on how to participate. Participants can visit this page via the direct link https://www.teminar.com/123456 where "123456" is the participant code of your Teminar.

Ready to go? Use the roadmap or download the manual.

What is the pricing of Teminar?

You can organize a Teminar from € 15. For a fixed amount per month you may organize as many sessions as you want. Check our priceplans
For participants Teminar is free. Dependent on the access method that you as organizer have chosen they might have regular telephony costs for a call to a local access number.

Recording your Teminar is free. It allows you to download you presentation afterwards (mp3).