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The session page

The session page is the cockpit for the participants and the speaker. The participant can see the webcam (if shared) and presentation or desktop of the speaker. Also information about how to get audio can be found here. The speaker has full control over the session. Check this explained screenshot.

Which web browser

The session page runs on the latest technology supported by recent web browsers from Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Use Chrome if you want to share your desktop as a speaker. The first time you are invited to install the free plugin "NewTelco Desktopshare" from the Google Chrome store.
Microsoft Edge and Explorer are Not compatible.

Try first

If you didn't use Teminar before we suggest to play around in the live session page demo prior to your first session.

Teminar live demo

As speaker As participant

Use a Google Chrome browser

You can also plan a test Teminar (maximum duration 10 minutes) without any charges. For this purpose you need a (free) account.

How to get to the sessie page

Login as speaker and select "Planned Teminars" in the menu. Than select the presentation-icon from the Teminar that you want to conduct.

If the session has not started yet

For future sessions alle information about the session will be displayed on the the session page: what is the subject, who is the speaker and when does it take place.

When the session is passed

For sessions in the past still the information about the session and the speaker are visible. And if the organizer requested so participants can request for a download link to the audio recording.

Session page structure

The session page consists of different windows each having specific purpose. Click on one of the windows or read further on this page for more information.

About the session

In this window you can find the title of the session, the participant access code, the time and a logout button.


Here you see how to start audio and what options you have for listening and speaking. This example window shows an active web-Phone connection.


This window shows the speakers webcam. If shared of course. Simply press the green button to start or stop sharing. The browser may ask your permission to share your camera. If the screen is large enough this window can be exchanged with the presentation window by clicking the title bar of one of these windows.


Chat window for all participants and the speaker.


This window can show three things: a presentation or desktop if shared or information about the session and the speaker. In case a presentation is shown also zoom buttons and next/previous slide buttons are visible. Please not that for presentations only the pdf-format is accepted.

Control Panel

This window is for session control purposes and is only visible for the speaker who can:

  • mute/unmute microphones of all participants at once
  • turn on/off mute on arrival for new participants
  • turn on/off access for new participants
  • erase question from participants
  • terminate the entire session


As the previous this window is only available for the speaker. All participants that have dialled in are visible: either with a phone or with web-Phone. The name of a participant that speaks gets a green glow. Phone numbers can be edited for example into names.

If a participant wants to ask a question a question mark appears before his name. The participant can indicate this by pressing one of the number keys of his phone.


You can listen/speak to Teminar with your phone or with you computer.


Local call

Call to one of the local access numbers of Teminar and have the costs of a regular local call only.

Overview of all local access numbers

or have yourself called (Call-me)

Have yourself called by Teminar. The telephony costs are charged to the organizer who determines for each session wether or not he allows this access method.

Read more about Call-me


Listen and speak (web-Phone)

Dial in with you computer or tablet via the Internet.
Free for the participant and for the organizer.

Read more about web-Phone

Test web-Phone

or listen only (web-Cast)

Web-Cast is for participants only: on can listen, not speak. The audio is streamed via the computer or tablet of the participant. This is free for everyone.

Test web-Cast

Mixing allowed!

In one session, all access options may be used interchangeably. Everyone is free to choose the for him/her best connection method.