Webinar: an illustrated teleseminar

A teleseminar can be enriched with images. This may be a presentation or other document. It may also be the webcam or desktop of the computer of the speaker.

A webinar feels close

If the speaker shares his webcam, attendees can not only hear his voice but also see his face. This resulting in an even more intimate experience.

Enlarged geographical coverage

Participants do not need to be in your neighbourhood. Your geographical reach and target audience is much larger.

Webinar = interaction

Just like during a teleseminar the presenter can speak with the participants. Participants can ask questions and join the discussion. A webinar allows even more interaction. Participants may post questions or remarks through the chat window. The speaker may assign one of the participants as the presenter. This person can than share his webcam and documents.

Human contact with a teleseminar or webinar