Call-me *

Teminar is using Call-me, the Global Toll Free Access solution of newConference. This allows participants to join a Teminar toll free from anywhere in the world. He initiates a phone call to himself and even does not have the costs for calling a local access number. The Call-me request can be given via the Internet or with a phone.

Initiate via the Internet

The most convenient approach

  1. Visit the session page of your Teminar *
  2. Choos option "Let Teminar call you" in the "Audio" window
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Click "Call"

Initiate with your phone

If you don't have Internet access

  1. Call +31 20 8510 299
  2. Have the phone ring only once and disconnect
  3. You will be called back immediately
  4. Follow the instructions of the voice response menu

Please note: your number should not be suppressed since an automated call back will be performed to the number that called the service.

* Check the access options of your Teminar

Access with Call-me is only possible if the organizer activated this option. Check the session page of your Teminar whether or not this is the case for your session.

The costs for using Call-me

For the use of Call-me the organizer will be charged a destination dependent surcharge.